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Hennepin, Illinois
Hennepin is a village on the Illinois River in Putnam County, Illinois. The population was 707 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Putnam County. The County was formed in 1825 out of Fulton County. The name is in honor of Israel Putnam, who was a hero in the French and Indian War and a general in the American Revolutionary War.
Historically, Hennepin was founded by Father Hennepin in 1817. Hennepin's Putnam County Courthouse, built in 1837, was as of 2007 the oldest county courthouse in Illinois still serving its original purpose. The Pulsifer House is an excellent example of Greek Revival style architecture, built in 1844. It currently houses the Putnam County Historical Society and is on the National Historic Register. Another point of historical interest is a civil war cannon that appears to be a 4.2 inch bore, 30 pounder, Parrott rifled gun, located in Walter Durley Boyle Park across from the Court House.
Recreationally, Hennepin is located on the Illinois River providing great opportunities for fishing and boating. The area is in a major flyway for water fowl and is a hunter's paradise and is known by the moniker the "Duck Capital of the World". Bird watching is great at the Hennepin & Hopper Lakes, a recently restored wetland. Today you'll find flocks of more than 235 species of birds, including coots, egrets, heron, geese, and ducks. You may see thousands of white pelicans migrating across the lakes on a single fall day, an unusual sight in central Illinois. Or you may spot bald eagles congregating on a wooded savanna or watch the many frogs, beaver, muskrats or foxes that make the site home.
With good schools, parks and affordable housing Hennepin Illinois is great family community.
This information is in part supplied by and The Wetlands Initiative site.

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