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Granville is a village in Putnam County, Illinois. The population was 1,414 at the 2000 census. Mark is a small village with a population of 491 on the 2000 census located just to the west of Granville. Both are situated in North Central Illinois approximately 125 miles southwest of Chicago.
Located in the fertile plains of Illinois, Granville and Mark have been heavily influenced by their agricultural and mining backgrounds. Mark was incorporated in 1905 and was named after Mark Elliot, son of the farmer who donated the land upon which Mark was established. Like many small towns in North Central Illinois the settling of these communities and their subsequent growth was tied to coal mining. Mining flourished in the area in the early 1900's bringing immigrants from Europe to work in the mines. As the market for the high-sulfur coal diminished some decades later many miners stayed as they and their families learned to appreciate the beautiful Illinois River Valley and its rich, abundant land.
Granville's downtown is the commercial center of the local area with both Mark and Granville known for good dining options. Granville is home to Putnam County High School, which has been newly constructed.
Information partially obtained from Wikipedia and the Mark Village Homepage.

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